We don’t change the exercises,
the Classical Method changes us.

New Student Promotion-5 Private Sessions

New Student Promotion: 8 Classes

Our Specialities


Treat and Prevent
Posture Related Pain

Pelvic Floor Health

Address Pelvic Stability,
Improve Pelvic Floor Function

Mental Focus

Improve Mind/Body Awareness

Our Programs

Private Sessions

Private and Duet Sessions are the ideal choice for new students and anyone wanting exclusive workouts. These sessions are closed to other participants and focus entirely on supporting you or you and your partner’s fitness journey. Take Private sessions to prepare you for our Open Gym Program. You will receive the guidance and an easy to follow workout program that is focused on your specific fitness goals.

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The Fundamentals Series is a deep dive into The Classical Method for beginners and experienced Pilates practitioners alike. This 8-week series covers the foundations of Classical Pilates. An in depth review of Pilates Principles and skill building movements, these classes will be the basis for all your Pilates training. It is most suitable for beginners, however, experienced students will benefit from this fun and engaging series.

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An Instructor-led Program, these small group sessions take you step by step through the Classical repertoire on the Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair and small Barrells at a set pace. This program is open to students who have completed The Fundamentals Series.

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Open Gym

Ideal for the self-directed and experienced student, Open Gym is an opportunity to explore exercises and equipment beyond what is possible in our Instructor-led classes while still receiving the same attention to detail, feedback, supervision and support. If you are an experienced student or after completing Introductory 5, you will be eligible to receive a personalized workout that covers exercises on all Apparatus.

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Our Reviews

“I work on my feet all day and suffer with my back & shoulders, Marlene pinpointed the troubled areas by just looking at my stance. Would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful studio. I felt relief in the space of an hour & now a repeat client. Marlene is amazing and keeps you motivated throughout!”

–Joe F

“Marlene has helped me pinpoint and strengthen the weak parts of my body and I am no longer in pain. I remember the first session she quickly spotted I was hyper mobile in my joints and still to this day catches me if I’m doing the exercises incorrectly. She is very caring and attentive. The studio is spotless and beautiful.

–Dina T

“Among many exercises I tried, I have found Pilates the most effective for building core strength and awareness about involved muscles. It has helped me correct my posture, build strength in key muscles that are typically neglected at gym, and reduce pressure in my lower back disks.”

–Sina G

“Marlene is a truly committed and enthusiastic instructor. I have always been apprehensive about body work such as pilates due to an extensive spinal fusion from scoliosis surgery, plus neurological difficulties, but Marlene does extensive homework to help her clients as best as she can. I have been taking regular private classes with her for a couple of months now and plan on continuing for as long as I can!”

–Mayah P

“Reform Pilates is a great studio in a convenient location (just a couple blocks away from Waterfront Station, in Gastown). Marlene is a Pilates instructor’s Pilates instructor. I know, as it’s my profession as well and Marlene is one of the few instructors in this city that I choose to go to in order to deepen my own embodiment of Pilates.”

–Oliver G

“I’ve been going to this studio for the past couple months and absolutely love the teaching style. Beautiful studio and great instructors. Try to book with Marlene or Cindy — they’ll kick your butt in the most positive way!”

–Melissa O


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