Small Group Classes

At Reform Pilates, we teach movement as dynamic and interconnected. Whether you are learning Pilates for the first time to manage pain or a seasoned Pilates Practitioner weaving it into your active lifestyle, we have a program for you!

We limit our class sizes to a maximum of 4 people. Our delivery is uniquely effective because we use authentic Pilates equipment that matches specifications that closely resembles the Original Pilates Apparatus. We also work with you according to your needs instead of managing a large group of people.

If you are new to Pilates, please refer to our ‘Get Started‘ page. If you need assistance finding the right class for you, contact us.

Level 1-2

Feel restored and realigned as you move through the original Mat, Barrels, Reformer or Chair in this beginner friendly class. Recommended: The Introductory Series before taking this class.

Level 3

Feel the power of Control from your Centre as you move through an Intermediate level Mat/Barrels, Reformer or Chair class. Recommended: 20 Level 1-2 classes or permission from the instructor.

Level 4-5

Feel invigorated and powerful as you practice precision and flow in this Advanced level class. Pre-registration is required. Learn more and sign up for Fall 2023

Mat Classes

Love it or hate it, Matwork works! Explore and master the essential building blocks of Pilates. Benefits include focused attention so you get guaranteed results, total body conditioning with an emphasis on core strength, spinal re-alignment, improved posture and concentration. No experience is necessary.

Little Joe Workout (LJW)

The LJW is a shorter class format; Experience a total workout in 40 minutes featuring the Reformer, Barrels, or Chair.  Recommended: Completion of The Introductory Series or The Welcome Package.



Open Gym

Open Gym is a self-directed Apparatus class, supervised by an instructor who provides feedback and minimal cueing. Benefits include deepening your Pilates practice, customizable workouts and access to the entire Pilates Apparatus System. Recommended: Completion of The Introductory Series or The Welcome Package.


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