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New to Reform Pilates? Visit our newcomer information page to find a selection of programs designed just for you.

If you need assistance finding the right class for you, contact us.


The Basics

Get started with the basics in this no-fuss, fun foundations class. *No experience necessary


Level 1 – 2

Discover Mat, Barrels, Reformer or Chair. Feel restored and realigned.

Apparatus classes are led by an instructor at a set pace. Recommended: The Introductory Series (4 classes) or 5 Basics classes before attending.  



Level 3

Intermediate Mat, Barrels, Reformer or Chair. Feel the power of Control from your Centre.

Apparatus classes are led by an instructor at a set pace. Recommended: 20 Level 1-2 classes or with permission from the instructor.



Level 4 – 5

Advanced level class on Mat, Barrels, Reformer or Chair, feel invigorated practicing precision and flow.

Apparatus classes are led by an instructor at a fast pace. Recommended: 50 Intermediate classes or with permission from the instructor.


Open Gym (Self-Directed)

Open Gym is a self-led class that is supervised by an instructor who gives feedback, correction and some cueing. Students are expected to know the basic 10 exercises on the Mat and the Reformer and can follow a program that has been created just for them. Students are then given access to the studio at a set time to work on various exercises and equipment at their own pace.

Private Sessions


Private Sessions are closed sessions that focus entirely on supporting you or you and your partner’s Pilates journey.

Corporate Training


Our private corporate training sessions are perfect for building team culture and improving your corporate wellness and employee benefits packages. Our instructors will meet your team where they are in their fitness journey – adapting and modifying where needed.

We can accommodate 4 individuals per session, with recurring bookings scheduled on a weekly basis. These closed groups allow for customized training and individualized support. All experience levels are welcome. Contact us to learn more.

Apprenticeship Program


We are accepting applications for The Reform Pilates Apprenticeship Program. Contact us for more information.

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage


Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage is massage that focuses on stimulating the natural drainage of the lymph nodes in order to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Anyone suffering from swelling or bloating, lymphedema or discomfort related to pregnancy or pms symptoms can benefit. The deeper touch helps with circulation in general but can also create a “sculpting” effect.


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