Our workshops are designed to guide, inform and highlight areas of debate and interest about the Classical Pilates Method, how it can meet the needs of diverse populations, provide access to learning and education that is exploratory, research based and relevant. Our aim is to educate Pilates Practitioners, Pilates Professionals and Movement Teachers in a safe, supportive environment that fosters collaboration and community.  Due to covid-19 our in-studio offerings are limited to only 4 persons max.

Pilates Props & Equipment


January 13

2:00-3:30 PM

Pilates Props & Equipment is a workshop for Pilates professionals and practitioners who currently work with Pilates Apparatus as well as individuals who are looking to purchase Pilates equipment but do not know where to start. This workshop will guide you through use of the Classical  Pilates reformer efficiently with clients from all walks of life as well as  explore its design and function in order to maximize the proprioceptive experience and efficiency of your teaching or practice. We begin first with reviewing safety procedures, physical and organizational ergonomics in the studio, as well as set up and proper handling of equipment. Discover diagnostic techniques to determine the proficiency and strength of a client when designing an exercise program on the reformer.   Learn versatile teaching techniques using the Classical Reformer, Classical Chair as well as Balance Body Exo Chair. This is a rare opportunity to learn about the different kinds of Pilates Chairs as well as to compare and contrast two distinctly different designs! Trainees, Practitioners and Teachers from any background welcome!

The Breath, Neck and Shoulders


February 4

2:00-3:30 PM

Discover the mechanism of breathing and its importance for the Classical Method. Learn how it supports all movement, organizes the ribs and aids in deep flexion. Learn how to cue the breath effectively with experiential awareness exercises that teach better mobility and less strain and tension in the neck. Understand and communicate the importance of scapular awareness and stability in several key Fundamental exercises that provide the basis for advanced work.

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