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The Anatomy Course-Part 1, Musculoskeletal and Respiratory

Have you ever wondered what muscles are working when you exercise or when you are doing Pilates? This course will explore specific movements and the musculoskeletal structures that support the trunk and lumbopelvic hip complex. You will develop an understanding of the importance of breath, how to breathe correctly and learn about the muscles of respiration and the thoracic cage. Through careful analysis and exploration of the “corset” muscles, including the transversus abdominis, multifidus, psoas, and pelvic floor, we will examine how they are linked to movement. 

This anatomy course is a two-day workshop totaling 16 hours; it is a stand alone course that is also one of a three-part anatomy series.  This course is a prerequisite for the Matwork Program.  

Please contact the studio at info@reformpilatesyvr.com for more information. 

The Program-Matwork 2024

Our Classical Matwork Program is now open for registration.  

The course is a 200-hour comprehensive modality designed to prepare you for the successful completion of the NPCP-PMC (Pilates Mat certification). The Matwork Program covers the entire Matwork repertoire It will include teaching on how to successfully prepare bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to do Pilates Matwork focussing on simple cueing and effective exercises that will form the foundation of all Pilates exercises. You will learn how your specific movement patterns hold you back, can induce chronic stress or injury, and how to spot these idiosyncrasies in other people’s bodies. You will also gain experience on how to appropriately communicate your observations and design a program for your clients. In this course, you will also discover and develop your teaching persona and cultivate the confidence required to respond to teaching dilemmas inherent in this unique practice. Take this as part of the Full Course or on its own. 

Minimum experience in Pilates is required; the Anatomy Course as well as some Classical Pilates training is highly recommended.  Successful candidates in the Matwork Program will receive a certificate of completion. Please contact the studio at info@reformpilatesyvr.com for more information.


The Program-Full Course Fall 2024

The Program is a 450-hour comprehensive course designed to prepare you for the successful completion of the NPCP exam and provide you with relevant workplace experience. Our approach to training is to impart the competency and confidence to teach The Pilates Method safely and effectively as seen through the traditional Pilates lens while being sensitive and adept in managing different learning styles, bodies and physical limitations. Successful candidates will uphold and reflect the values of integrity, honesty and the highest professionalism.

Potential candidates must pass a performance evaluation assessment to qualify for the Full Program and be available for the in-person lecture series. To book your assessment, please contact the studio.




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