Teacher Training


The Anatomy Course

Finally a course that explores Pilates movement as you have never seen or felt before! This is a basic anatomy course introducing the skeletal, respiratory, cardiac, neurological, digestive systems of the body with an in-depth look at the musculoskeletal system. Careful analysis and exploration of the “corset” muscles including the transversus abdominis, multifidus, psoas and pelvic floor and how they are linked to movement, particularly during Pilates, squats, walking and sitting postures. This course is a prerequisite for The Matwork Program.

The Matwork Program

Our Classical Matwork Program is now open for registration. Successful candidates must pass a performance evaluation assessment to qualify for the program and be available for the in-person lecture series. To book your assessment, please contact the studio.

The Matwork Program is a 450 hour course designed to prepare you for the successful completion of the NPCP exam and provide you with relevant workplace experience. Our approach to training is to impart the competency and confidence to teach The Pilates Method safely and effectively as seen through the traditional Pilates lens while being sensitive and adept in managing different learning styles, bodies and physical limitations. Successful candidates will uphold and reflect the values of integrity, honesty and the highest professionalism.




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