Why Choose
Reform Pilates?


Future Proof Your Body 

Contrology develops the physical awareness and strength that support longevity. It also enhances mobility, nervous system function and mental focus and it is simply not available in larger studio formats due to its strenuous nature and learning curve. As with any new skill such as riding a bicycle or playing tennis, the benefits and the Practice of Pilates or Contrology improve over time.


Treat and Prevent Posture Related Pain

The Classical Pilates method broadly focuses on uniform development and is scientifically proven to provide the proprioceptive awareness, resistance training and neurological integration necessary to address pelvic instability, lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis and osteoporosis. Our students build confidence and strength in a knowledgeable, safe and supportive environment. The effects of aging and posture-related pain is real. Contrology will improve your posture.


​“Reform Pilates is a great studio in a convenient location (just a couple blocks away from Waterfront Station, in Gastown). Marlene is a Pilates instructor’s Pilates instructor. I know, as it’s my profession as well and Marlene is one of the few instructors in this city that I choose to go to in order to deepen my own embodiment of Pilates.”

–Oliver G


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