Why Choose
Reform Pilates?


Optimize your mobility

Throughout history human beings have used movement to heal. Movement is our first language and how we relate to the world around us. Classical Pilates develops physical awareness that supports mobility, nervous system function and mental focus. We deliver authentic Pilates training that is simply not available in larger studios.


Treat and Prevent Posture Related Pain

The Classical Pilates method broadly focuses on uniform development and is proven to provide the proprioceptive awareness, resistance training and neurological integration necessary to address pelvic instability, lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis and osteoporosis. Our students build confidence and strength in a knowledgeable, safe and supportive environment.

Mental Focus

Learn Concentration for Better Performance

Your awareness and ability to execute efficient and specific movement is key to success in any sport. Today, more than ever, the ability to concentrate on a given task is invaluable and related to your enjoyment of life. 

We lead you through training that is focused, specific, progressive and incorporates the fullest expression of movement that you are able to achieve during your entire session. You will undoubtedly feel the benefits of awareness-based, embodied movement.

Pelvic Floor Health

Address Pelvic Stability and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pilates is a good choice for women who are pregnant, are thinking of becoming pregnant, or who have had babies due to its low impact nature and focus on abdominals, posture, and pelvic floor function. Exercising correctly will help to maintain or improve good posture and provide trunk support. Doing exercise incorrectly can increase the chances of developing diastasis recti or worsen urinary incontinence.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy will promote flexibility in joints and muscles. However, this laxity can make it easier to injure joints or overstrain muscles so exercises and certain positions should be modified or eliminated as you progress from 1-3rd trimester. We teach safe, effective modifications for abdominal work as well as how to understand and monitor your pelvic floor.

Significant physical changes that expectant and new moms experience can be challenging and frustrating. When taking these factors into consideration, it is important that you work with a professional that has expertise in women’s health and pelvic floor function and can support the mental and physical challenges that occur pre and post baby and throughout a person’s life cycle.


​“Reform Pilates is a great studio in a convenient location (just a couple blocks away from Waterfront Station, in Gastown). Marlene is a Pilates instructor’s Pilates instructor. I know, as it’s my profession as well and Marlene is one of the few instructors in this city that I choose to go to in order to deepen my own embodiment of Pilates.”

–Oliver G


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